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E-Waste Collection Continues

The Powder River Conservation District wants to thank everyone who has brought in their E-Waste and encourage anyone who has E-Waste to please bring it in to us. So far we have collected approximately 1261 pounds of E-waste (this does not include the 15 computer monitors and 9 TVs collected as well). The E-waste we collect is donated to Cutting Edge Industries a division of NOWCAP Services in Casper. NOWCAP & Cutting Edge Industries exist to create employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities or people who have experienced a brain injury.

Please feel free to drop of your E-waste at the District Office located at 350 Nolan Avenue in Kaycee, WY.

Public Notice

Budget Amendment for:

Powder River Conservation District

Fiscal Year 2013-2014



  Administration:                                              $  88,572

  Operations:                                                    $192,371

  Indirect Costs:                                               $  14,369

  Capital Outlay:                                              $            0   

Total Expenditures:                                        $295,312


Funds to be added to Reserves:                                   $169,560


Total Cash Required                                      $464,872



  Anticipated Cash and Revenue:                     $229,357

  Other Anticipated Revenue                            $    6,711

  Estimated Mil Levy:                                       $228,804

Total Anticipated Revenue:                           $464,872



  Current total in Reserves:                               $600,000



The Powder River Conservation District will conduct a Budget Hearing to amend its FY2013-2014 Budget on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 6:30pm at the PRCD Office located at 350 Nolan Avenue in Kaycee, WY. This Budget Hearing will be held in conjunction with our monthly board meeting. Interested residents are encouraged to attend.


/s/ Anita M. Bartlett

PRCD Manager


Well Water Testing Day

The Powder River Conservation District (PRCD) will be providing a Free Well Water Testing Day on Thursday, September 19th. Water bottles for testing bacteria can be picked up prior to September 19th at the PRCD Office.

            Water samples will be accepted at the PRCD Office starting at 7:30am until 1pm on the September 19th. The PRCD will also be testing for nitrates, nitrites, pH, and hardness. If you are interested in having these tests done, please bring an additional sample in a separate clean jar. For more information please contact the District Office at 738-2321.

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