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Native Landscaping Workshop

Come join the PRCD and Jenifer Thompson, Small Acreage Outreach Coordinator on April 14, 2014 from 2pm to 5pm, at the HJP for a Native Landscaping Workshop.

This workshop will cover native plant characteristics to keep in mind to grow them successfully and to have realistic expectations. We’ll cover varieties of native plants, sources, planting form seeds, transplanting, and dividing. Also, we will discuss the basic principles of water-wise landscaping, site inventory and general garden design.

Each participant will get to take home great information and a copy of the Plants with Altitude Guide Book. As well, everyone will have a chance to win a 60 gallon rain barrel or composter.

PRCD Cost Share Programs

The PRCD is offering two Cost Share Programs: the first is for large rural projects that make a positive difference on the land. This is a cost share program where the PRCD matches 65% up to $20,000, on a reimbursement basis. Projects will be reviewed by staff, then it must be approved by the PRCD board before they are initiated. The deadline to turn in applications is 4pm on Friday, July 11, 2014. Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: Solar pumping units, fencing for implementing rotational grazing systems on pastures, or fencing riparian areas to reduce impacts of livestock grazing.

The second cost share program provides incentive for residents and businesses to conserve soil, water and energy. The program also encourages beautification of the landscape. This program matches 50% up to $1000, on a reimbursement basis. Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: planting trees and shrubs, xeriscaping to replace traditional lawns, and installation of efficient drip systems for trees and shrubs. These applications are reviewed monthly and can be applied for at any time during the year.

For more information on these cost share programs or for an application please contact the PRCD office at (307) 738-2321 or stop by the office at 350 Nolan Avenue, Kaycee, WY

Rain Barrels & Composters for Sale

Using a rain barrel is a great way to store water from rain and snow events. The water can then be used to water plants and gardens. It also benefits water quality by reducing the amount of run-off, which picks up pollutants on the ground and carries them to streams.

Our Composters are 60 gallon black plastic. Why use black barrels? Black absorbs heat from the sun better than any other color, and as experienced composters know, the hotter the temperature of the contents, the faster the barrels will produce finished compost. Put in your "greens and browns", give the barrels a spin and you will be well on your way to making your own compost, far better than money can buy.

The PRCD will be selling rain barrels and composters at the significantly reduced price of $45 for rain barrels and $80 for composters. Order forms are available at the PRCD office. If you have an interest in purchasing rain barrels or composters please contact the District at 738-2321 or by email at anita.bartlett@wy.nacdnet.net

We Want Your Input

The Powder River Conservation District is interested in holding education workshops and tours and we would like your input. What type of workshops would you like to see (landscaping, trees, range management, reclamation, energy development, etc)? What time of day/year works best (morning, afternoon, evening, all day/half day or spring, fall, summer, or winter)? Is there any particular speaker you would like to hear? Any information you can provide us with would be greatly appreciated. We want to provide you with the best possible educational experience possible.

Past workshops and Tours have included Range Management 101, 301, and 501, Ranching for Profit, Grazing Management, Rangeland management, Holistic Resource Management, Gardening in Wyoming, Xericaping, and Trees and Shrubs for Wyoming.

To provide us with feed back you can stop in at the district office (350 Nolan Avenue), send us a letter, call us at (307) 738-2321 or e-mail us at anita.bartlett@wy.nacdnet.net

NRCS Update

NRCS is changing a little on the structure but not the faces.  Kassie Bales will be moving to Buffalo and working out of the NRCS office in Buffalo.  She is excited about becoming a homeowner and taking the next step in her life.  She will be traveling to Kaycee a couple times a week to also cover the Kaycee office.  The

government plans to fill the Kaycee position with a new, full time person when budget restraints allow.  Until then Kassie, Allison and John will all be traveling from Buffalo to cover the office.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at the Buffalo office with ANY questions or concerns.  The office number in Buffalo is (307) 684-2526 ext. 3.


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