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Plants with Altitude

Plants with Altitude

Regionally Native Plants for Wyoming Gardens

This booklet highlights many native tough, well-adapted plants that are suited for our climate.

Stop in the Powder River Conservation District

Office and pick up your FREE copy today.
PRCD Begins Long Range Planning

The PRCD wants to hear from you. Every five years the District is charged with the task of developing a new Long Range Plan. This plan becomes the foundation on which our future plans and projects will be based. The PRCD is locally funded and as a local taxpayer we feel you should have an invested interest in our planning process. We would appreciate your recommendations on where the natural resource problems are in the district and how we can work together to solve them. We encourage you to fill out the Long Range Plan Survey that was sent out to you a few weeks ago and return it to us so we can benefit from your opinions.

It was the intent of the PRCD to send a survey to every household within the District, if for some reason you did not receive one and would like to give us your opinion additional surveys are available at the District office. Please feel free to contact the PRCD office or any of the District Supervisors with questions or comments.

Recycling Opprotunities with the PRCD

Recycling Bins

Powder River Conservation District is offering stackable recycle bins to promote recycling efforts that will increase our landfill’s life span. The recycling bins are 18 gallon stackable bins with and easy access front flap. They are ideal for recycling or dry storage-indoor or outdoors. These Recycling Bins can be purchased from the PRCD for $7.00 each.

E-Waste Recycling Program

The Powder River Conservation District wants to thank everyone who has brought in their E-Waste and encourage anyone who has E-Waste to please bring it in to us. So far we have collected over 1 ton of E-waste (this does not include the 35 computer monitors and 38 TVs collected as well). The E-waste we collect is donated to Cutting Edge Industries a division of NOWCAP Services in Casper. NOWCAP & Cutting Edge Industries exist to create employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities or people who have experienced a brain injury. The PRCD is no longer accepting TVs larger than 32 inches. For a complete list of items that can be recycled please contact the PRCD Office or check out our Newsletter.

Please feel free to drop of your E-waste at the District Office located at 350 Nolan Avenue in Kaycee, WY.

Composter Sales

Our Composters are 60 gallon black plastic. Why use black barrels? Black absorbs heat from the sun better than any other color, and as experienced composters know, the hotter the temperature of the contents, the faster the barrels will produce finished compost. Put in your "greens and browns", give the barrels a spin and you will be well on your way to making your own compost, far better than money can buy.

The PRCD will be selling composters at the significantly reduced price of $80. Order forms are available at the PRCD office. If you have an interest in purchasing a composter please contact the District at 738-2321 or by email at anita.bartlett@wy.nacdnet.net

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