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Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020

The PRCD & NRCS Office will be closed to the public.


Anita will be splitting her time between working in the office and at home.

If you need assistance, please call

307-738-2321 ex 3




If you need NRCS assistance, please call the Buffalo Field Office

At 307-620-3020

They are under the same restricts and are still able to assist you over the phone or by email.



Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation in this difficult time.

Cost Share Program

PRCD Offering Cost Share Programs


              The PRCD is offering two Cost Share Programs: the first is for large rural projects that make a positive difference on the land. This is a cost share program where the PRCD matches 65% up to $20,000, on a reimbursement basis.  Projects will be reviewed by staff, then it must be approved by the PRCD board before they are initiated. The deadline to turn in applications is 4pm on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 . Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: Solar pumping units, fencing for implementing rotational grazing systems on pastures, or fencing riparian areas to reduce impacts of livestock grazing.

 The second cost share program provides incentive for residents and businesses to conserve soil, water and energy. The program also encourages beautification of the landscape. This program matches 50% up to $1000, on a reimbursement basis. Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: planting trees and shrubs, xeriscaping to replace traditional lawns, and installation of efficient drip systems for trees and shrubs. These applications are reviewed monthly and can be applied for at any time during the year.

 For more information on these cost share programs or for an application please contact the PRCD office at (307) 738-2321 or stop by the office at 350 Nolan Avenue, Kaycee, WY

NRCS Update-New Employee

New Employee-Caleb Gray


My name is Caleb Gray and I am the new Range Conservationist in the NRCS Buffalo Field Office. I graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management and minors in Soil Science and Restoration and Reclamation Ecology. I have prior experience with the NRCS through UW and the Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit (CESU) collecting vegetation and soil data to be compiled for ecological site descriptions. Working at UW this past year before starting with the NRCS, I was given the  responsibility of overseeing a graduate student’s project from collecting and entering data to planning visits to sites on private land and helping implement prescribed burns. The purpose of the project was to
determine the best season to use prescribed fire as a means to control cheatgrass in sagebrush while keeping sagebrush mortality low.

As I join the NRCS team I look forward to meeting and helping the farmers and ranchers of  Johnson County to the best of my abilities.


Emergency Watershed Projects

Upcoming Emergency Watershed Projects


The Powder River Conservation District (PRCD) and the NRCS has obtained funding to complete 5 Emergency Watershed Program (EWP) Projects this year. Though as start date for these projects is unknown with the current pandemic we are hopeful to get started following high run off. These projects are due to the 2019 flooding event and will be a much needed
improvement to the community.

Working West to East, these projects include, the Harlan Streambank and Diversion project, which will include the stabilizing of the stream bank and the replacement of a diversion. The second project is the replacement of the Moffet Irrigation Diversion and the stabilization of streambank of the Middle Fork of the Powder River. The third project is another Diversion and streambank stabilization project on the Gosney Diversion. The next project is within the Town of Kaycee and will work to stabilize the bank from the Old HWY 87 Bridge to the Harold Jarrard Project the PRCD & NRCS Completed a year ago. The final project is the repair of the 15 Mile Water Control Structure.

We are looking forward to working with the landowners and NRCS to complete these projects and we will be keeping the public up to date on the projects as we move forward. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Douglas Fir Thinning Project

Western Spruce Budworm Douglas Fir Project


              The southern end of the Big Horn Mountains Douglas Fir population is currently being devastated by a Western Spruce Budworm epidemic. The Western Spruce Budworm (WSBW), or Choristoneura freeman is a native species to the Big Horns. Currently 67,000 acres of  Douglas Fir and mixed-conifer forest are infected by the WSBW and causing major defoliation damage in the southern Big Horn Mountains.

 Phase 1 of landscape level active management will be to thin approximately 254 acres on state and private acres in addition to working with the BLM to thin 130acres of federal lands. The PRCD will work with the WSFD to thin thick stands of Douglas Fir and  mixed-conifer stands of multiple age groups which will help decrease WSBW infestation rates. Technical assistance from WSFD will help determine which trees are suited for wood production, are important for wildlife habitat, and will facilitate successful regeneration. This project will benefit state, private, and federal lands and will build lasting relationships for the continuum of active forest management in this area of the Big Horn Mountains.


The Powder River Conservation District plans to implement a program that:

1. Provides a proactive forest health thinning component for private and state lands

2. Viably treats WSB infected Douglas fir and mixed-conifer forested areas through mechanized thinning

3. Increases timber sale production by assisting with timber marketing and subsidizing timber industry to remove the selected trees.

4. Capitalizes on a large-scale, multi-landowner project.


The PRCD is excited to begin implementing this project in the fall and plan on conducting our first thinning project next summer.


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