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Well Water Testing Day

Well Water Testing Day

MPj04373750000[1]The Powder River Conservation District (PRCD) will once again be providing a Well Water Testing Day on Tuesday, September 25th. Sampling Kits can be picked up prior to September 25th at the PRCD Office. Water samples will be accepted at the PRCD Office starting at 7:30am until 1pm on September 25th.


Knowing the Quality of your private well water is of utmost importance to your family’s health. It is also important to know and understand if you well water is suitable for livestock or irrigation. To participated, we encourage you to stop by our office to pick up sampling kits and sampling instructions.


For more information please contact the District Office at 738-2321 or stop by and visit with us
Conservation Camp

“Conservation: We’re All In”

                Area youth gathered once again at Mallo Camp north of Newcastle, WY to participate in the Black Hills Natural Resource Youth Camp June 13-15th. The purpose of this camp is to give youth the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and educational sessions teaching them about the natural world and its resources. Other activities included fishing, the Wildman Hike teaches kids about predators and prey relationships, a talent show, and various games.

            Each child participated in six educational sessions they included: “Survival of the Fittest”, “Migration Mayhem”, “Tremendous Trees”, “and Casting for Food”,“ Wilderness Scavenger Hunt”, and “Target Practice”.

“Migration Mayhem”, presented by Lacey Sloan with the Weston County Natural Resource District taught campers about why animals migrate, how they migrate, and the importance migration to animals. Jessie Halverson, with Project Learning Tree presented “Tremendous Trees” where campers learned about the parts of the tree and what trees need to survive. In the session “Survival of the Fittest” Nate Fulton explained to the youth the importance of being able to survive in the wilderness if you get lost. He showed the kids the items he carries in his day pack and why each item is important. Nate sent home a few survival items with the kids to place in their own day packs. John Marshall taught campers all about “Casting for Food”. This activity taught campers how to cast, fish, and properly care for caught fish. Campers were allowed to practice their casting skills and catch fish. “Wilderness Scavenger Hunt” presented by Brandon Elkins with the WY NRCS, had the kids search nature for items related to animals and their habitats. Items the kids found included a woodpecker hole, bird nest, items animals would eat (seeds, insects, berries), and other animal homes. Finally, Bob Pollo and Steve Miller had “Target Practice”. They taught youth how the correct way to shoot a bow and arrow, safety while shooting and let the kids do a little “target practice”.





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