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2016 Oustanding District Technician


Katie Vaporis, Rangeland Specialist for the NRCS-Kaycee Field Office, was named the Wyoming Association of Conservation District’s Outstanding Technician for 2016 during the WACD Annual Convention in Riverton, WY on November 16th.  

Katie came to the Kaycee Field office in May of 2016 from the Worland Field office and didn’t get much chance to settle in and get her bearings set. Kaycee saw record breaking flood water at the end of May and Katie hit the ground running, with a crash course in the Emergency Watershed Project Program she assisted the PRCD, NRCS District Conservationist, and Engineers with field work and paperwork to obtain federal assistance for Exigency EWP Funding for 3 projects on the Powder River. Katie assisted NRCS Engineers with surveying, the District with water sampling, and even surviving the elements to certify seeding in the snow to meet the late November deadline on a project. After completing the Exigency EWP projects Katie continued to assist the District with filing paperwork for Non-Exigency EWP funding to finish repairing the damage done by the May 2015 flooding. The PRCD was notified in March of 2016 that they would be awarded Non-Exigency EWP funding for all 3 projects. This required more paperwork and survey work from Katie on top of her regular work load.

In addition to her assistance with the EWP Projects, Katie has assisted the District on their Cost Share Program. She has helped to certify fences, pipelines, stock tanks and storage tanks. Her advice has been invaluable and in the year she has been in Kaycee has worked hard to go above and beyond here regular work duties to ensure that the producers/landowners of Southern Johnson County have all the knowledge and tools they need to improve their operation. The PRCD cannot thank Katie enough for her diligent work and assistance to the District.

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